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74 and counting

March 19, 2009

As I mentioned in my initial post, I’m a poet. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a good poet, as I have very little faith in people who have too inflated a view of their own work. But I do write poems when the mood strikes me.

If you’re at all interested in reading any of the poems I’ve written, I’ve posted 74 on the internet. It doesn’t feel at all like that many, but it’s true. I’ve posted 4 here and the other 70 I posted here.

You will probably notice a theme among my poems. Most of them are kind of sappy, but like I said, I write poetry when the mood strikes me, so most of my poetry is fairly emotionally charged. If you don’t want to read emotional poetry, I can direct you to a number of good ones by Shel Silverstein or Ogden Nash that may be more to your liking.

If you do read my poetry and would care to comment on it, feel free to do so in response to this post. All I ask is that you start the comment with the title of the poem in question, and that you avoid critique of my grammar or spelling.

Sir Odd