Avatar: NOT the highest grossing film of all time.

We’ve all seen the commercials. Well, those of us who own televisions and watch network television have anyway. “AVATAR: The #1 Movie of all time.” By what standard can they make that claim? I mean, it’s not like it was all that original of a plot. It’s not like they could have called the thinly veiled, and I mean VERY thinly veiled metaphor for Iraqi oil something other than “unobtainium” (I have been informed that this is actually the name of a very rare element, but still. Writers, you could make something up that doesn’t sound that ridiculously oblique.)

The only support anyone has for that claim is the money. That’s right, it’s all about those proverbial Benjamins.
And if you Google “#1 Movie of all time” right now, you’ll get Avatar. BUT. If you Google “Avatar adjusted box office,” the very first result is a list of the top growing films of all time, with Avatar not even pushing the top ten. It is in fact at #14. Which is why, shortly after Avatar hit the scene, most of the adjusted box office lists just sort of… went away. Avatar can’t be #1 if the facts put it at #14, so why bother with all those piddly little numbers, like the over 800 Million dollar difference between Avatar and Gone With The Wind, the ACTUAL #1 movie.


(For the record, Citizen Kane, The American Film Institute’s pick for the best film of all time according to their Top 100 list did not appear on the list of the 100 top grossing films.)


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