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Webcomics I Like

April 9, 2009

I mentioned in my original post that I read a number of web comics regularly. I check most of them more frequently than they actually update, but still, I thought I’d give some of them some of the shameless plugs they deserve. I would bother specifying which ones are and are not safe for work, but if you’re looking at web comics at work, either your job is awesome or you deserve whatever your boss is about to do to you.


:Chris Onstad’s world of animals that are… A little different.


: Katie Tiedrich’s comic about video games and life… Mostly video games.

The Book of Biff

: Chris Hallbeck’s exploration of things that should be rules of thumb.

Bunny Comic

: H. Davies draws a wonderful world inhabited by three kinds of wonderfully random bunnies, focusing mainly on the pink ones.


: One of many gamer comics I read, this one is drawn by Tim

Cyanide & Happiness

: A series of weird little comics drawn by various people.


: Admittedly, this comic is much easier to appreciate if you’ve ever played or are at all familiar with WoW, as it depicts the adventures of Scott Kurtz’s PVP gamer accounts.

Dinosaur Comics

: If you never knew how versatile the same 6 panels can be, you will now, thanks to Ryan North

The Dresden Codak

: Aaron Diaz gives us an introspective look into the life of Kimiko Ross and her friends, including Tiny Carl Jung, one of the fathers of modern tiny psychology.

Dueling Analogs

: Steve Napierski’s own special brand of gamer comic. Mostly spoofs of games, but periodically including other pop culture references.

Girls With Slingshots

: Danielle Corsetto’s web comic that is best described by its own tagline: “two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus”

Least I Could Do

: Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza invite us to watch what can only be described as the antics of Rayne Summers

Looking for Group

: Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza lean more toward the world of fantasy, exploring the adventures of the unlikely pairing of an evil lich warlock and an elf who wants nothing more than to save everyone.

Menage a 3

: You remember

Three’s Company?

Well, this is Gizelle Lagace’s rendition of that. Only, y’know… good.

The Order of The Stick

: Rich Burlew takes us to a world familiar to players of the famous pen and paper role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. (In order to bookmark the “latest comic” page, right click on the “latest” arrow and select “favorite this link” or whatever your specific browser’s equivalent function is.)


: Randall Monroe’s web comic about love, sarcasm, technology, and math. You might have to look some of this stuff up, but don’t forget to read the alt text.

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