Your humble (random) servant.

Good day to you, Lords and Ladies of the Realm, Internet. It is I, Sir Odd, reporting for duty. It is my sincerest hope and fondest wish that in the coming period of time, I will be able to convey my opinions to you on a wide range of subjects, from world events to pop culture, events of epic historical significance to happenings of the mildest contemporary impact. I hope you will, but do not expect you to agree with or even appreciate my points of view, but the internet grants all in its domain the privilege of freedom of expression and release from the obligation of caring what anyone else thinks about anything.

First, to get off to a good start, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. I’m a hopeless romantic and am artistic, by nature. I believe in true love, but not love at first sight. Anymore, there are too many things to learn about a person to love them all at once. I write poetry, draw, sing, act, and a pursue many other artistic endeavors to varying degrees. I’m a gamer. I play video games, primarily by Nintendo, but I have had exposure to most platforms with the exception of the XBox360. I read over 30 webcomics on a more frequent basis than they update, and would very much like to create my own. I’m registered to vote as a republican, but my political compass bears just right of moderate, and I still manage to have strong opinions.

Also, I highly recommend that you read my friend Paradise Tossed‘s blog here on WordPress,

You can fully expect the appearance of my page to change almost entirely in the next few days, as I haven’t taken much time to examine what needs to be done.

Well, that should suffice for now, so I shall bid you all au revior for now.

Sir Odd


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